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Pyrite comes to its name through the Greek word "pyr" which translates to "fire" - historically the stone was used as a fire starter for its excellent ability to strike a spark.  

It is perhaps more commonly known for its nickname "Fools Gold." Pyrite's lustrous golden sheen has fooled many a gold prospector over the years, especially since Pyrite often occurs in the same mineral deposits that gold is formed.  

An experienced prospector would not be fooled though as there are many tell tale differences between the two minerals.  Gold is soft and can bend and dent, whereas pyrite is brittle and will break.  The stunning cubed crystalline structure of Pyrite and it's brassy yellow metallic hue are also giveaways.  The Streak Test, where a mineral specimen is scraped against an unglazed porcelain plate, reveals that the mineral particles of Pyrite streak black whereas Gold streaks yellow.  

In hand these cuboidal stones gleam and entrance the eye with their sharp lines. They will be standouts in any mineral collection.  Enjoy.  

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