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S'more Smorgasbord

The S'more Smorgasbord evolved from Sara's Quartz Smorgasbord. Another colorful parcel that offers even more variety at a great price point. Comprised of: Nigerian Sky Blue Topaz that offers a rewarding challenge, sour apple green Chinese Peridot, golden yellow Scapolite from Tanzania, and Juniper Ridge Fire Opal from Oregon (dug up by Joe Henley himself!) Worry-free stones to have fun with and to add to your gem collection.

4 pieces / 13 - 15 total grams / 65 - 75 total carats / clean

Parcel contains: 1 Sky Blue Topaz, 1 Peridot, 1 Scapolite, 1 Juniper Ridge Fire Opal

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