Wednesday, June 8th

Sara, here.  I've been busy cleaning my office this week to make space for all the new inventory that came my way today.  It's a colorful palette to play with and I'm diving in!
          • Prasiolite of varied sizes from Brazil
          • Scapolite with copper inclusions from Tanzania
          • Malaya Garnets from Tanzania
          • Cambodian Blue Zircons
          • Demantoid Garnets from Namibia
          • Purple and Grey Spinel from Myanmar
          • Aquamarine from Madagascar
          • Chrome Vanadium Kornerupine from Tanzania

Also, be on the watch for more cabbing rough.

  • Chrysoprase from Tanzania
  • Larimar from the Dominican Republic
  • Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan


Needless to say, Joe keeps me very busy.  Time to get to work!

~Rock Hawk, Out.


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