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Update: I've now added single stones with the novice cutter in mind. I receive a lot of requests for beginner parcels - sometimes people buy them as gifts and sometimes folks just want a few stones to choose from as they are practicing their faceting skills. And so it is with great pleasure that I am able to offer these parcels. Each is put together with the beginner in mind. None of these stones have cleavage to worry about, and they range from extremely easy to polish (beryls and opals) to more challenging, like quartz and garnets.
My philosophy for choosing stones as a new cutter is simple: cut a stone that is just expensive and challenging enough to keep you hyper focused at all times. After all, you're cutting something that will last a lifetime and you should be proud of it! The photo shows garnets, tourmalines and quartz faceted by yours truly. They're displayed on a bed of self-collected beach sand from Omaha Beach, Red Dog Zone, Normandy France. I was a frustrated cutter and unfortunately haven't faceted a stone in over 2 years. However, my experience and understanding of the unique challenges a new cutter faces helps me serve my clients better.
In addition, sourcing the finest quality rough and bringing it to my customers is so rewarding that I must say that the selling side of the equation is where I belong
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