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Several months ago while inspecting a few parcels of tourmaline from Tanzania, I found a couple pieces of the rare boro-silicate mineral, kornerupine. You might imagine my surprise and excitement! I had hope that perhaps the miners were getting into a deposit but had no way to know what the situation was deep in the African bush.
A few weeks after I discovered those initial stones, I was offered a parcel of small kornerupine and knew at that point, a strike had actually been made. Of course I didn't know how large or small it would end up being so my goal became to collect as much of it as possible. I was able to make a couple of individual buys and then one large purchase last month. It appears the strike was small - which is almost always the case with gem rough. I haven't seen or been offered any more material.
So it is with great pleasure that we are able to offer this wide selection of kornerupine. These most likely cannot be replaced - certainly not in such a varied assortment.
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