Welcome to our newest innovation: The Auction House – an exciting way to buy and collect.  I didn’t realize this until Facebook showed a memory but it is exactly three years ago today that we launched our website. Serendipitous, indeed!
We have high hopes for the auction feature and know offering only quality items will make it a popular destination. We are excited to give our clients a fun way to acquire great rough, gems, minerals and a few surprises thrown in down the road. 
We’ve listed many incredible items for the first auction: my personal Fac-Ette GemMaster II, many quality pieces of rough including cabbing, gemstones, crystals and cabochons. With such a wide and diverse selection, there is sure to be something for everyone.
While this is the first auction, it is only the first of many. The site will have continuous auctions, ending every two weeks.
What are you waiting for? Until The Auction House becomes more well known, you’re likely to get great bargains. Head on over to the website and get your bids in now! 



Sara, here. I want to use this space to spotlight the incredible efforts that were involved to make the Auction House possible.  We are all feeling sentimental with this debut at Joe Henley Rough & Gemstones.
  • Bracken (The Crystal Kraken) spearheaded this project and I am enormously proud of him.  He dove headfirst into the world of web development and had frequent (frustrating) late night communications with app developers in India.  There were definitely challenges and he pushed through all of them.  It was very exciting to watch him grow through this endeavor and I'm definitely glowing like a proud big sister today.    
  • Joe (The Gem Dragon) encourages us to dream big - actually he demands it as a job requirement!  He takes any idea seriously even the absolutely silly ones :)  He cultivates our curiosity and creativity.  I cannot even express how much I have learned from him in the nearly 2 years I've worked for him and the impact he has had on my life.  I also literally never know what is going to happen next haha.
  • Our community of rock enthusiasts - I want to express the gratitude we have for you. Our website continues to grow exponentially and even in the midst of this pandemic, the sky feels like the only limit.  You fuel our momentum.   Have a wonderful weekend, gem world!       

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