Moving Forward!

It’s been almost five years since I decided to sell my first piece of rough. Moving from the couch to the kitchen table to an unfinished garage to a remodeled garage to a significant portion of my home dedicated to the business. Moving from selling rough that came largely from my own collection amassed over 20 years to traveling through Africa and Asia and South America in search of the source. Moving from just myself to a part-time helper to 2 full-time employees. Moving from eBay to Facebook to Instagram (now nearing 20K followers) to Tucson to our first website and now to our new website.


Always moving!


Every move has been a step toward fulfilling a vision that continues to unfold and come into sharper focus. At its core, that vision has been to share my passion for rough and gems. Of course, to share that passion I, now we, have needed to learn how to harness and use new tools and technology. From photography equipment to software to selling platforms, each evolution has had its own unique set of challenges. But always more movement.


Our new website is our boldest move yet. What excites me most about it is the possibilities. We are launching with largely just the “four corners” in place. We now have the structure from which we can grow in directions that the old site did not have the capabilities to handle. We can share more personal and intimate experiences about where our gems come from, the miners, cutters and their families we partner with, the locations we travel to - the opportunity to bring our customers along for the ride. That includes the ability to share instructional and educational videos, interviews and behind the scenes stuff that only a robust website can allow. We have more plans up our sleeves but we will save those for later…. Keep watching!


We want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers and supporters who have made this such a rewarding endeavor.  


Now, let’s get moving! 

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